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Executive Interim Management (EIM) was established in 1989 by the leading executive search firm Egon Zehnder and the Dutch management consultancy Boer & Croon, which pioneered the concept of interim management in Europe.

In the course of 30 years and over 9,000 successful assignments, we have expanded into 14 countries and 19 offices to become a worldwide leader in management solutions.

EIM selects and appoints highly experienced interim or permanent managers urgently needed to

  • lead change management processes;
  • support or replace management teams under pressure; or
  • drive core business objectives.

30% of our contracts involve cross-border assignments, where the integrated organisation of our firm guarantees the same quality of services worldwide.

EIM operates as a globally integrated firm with all offices working together, sharing our best practices across national boundaries. This global mind-set, combined with the use of proven project management methodology, assures results that reach the same high level of quality the world over.

EIM is a global leader in providing Interim or permanent executive management solutions when time is critical. Our clients rely on us to have a highly qualified manager or team of managers in place within days. These are strong accountable leaders who take charge, inspire others to go above and beyond and ultimately achieve sustained improvement.

Why EIM?

In a climate of constant change, EIM improves performance and transforms businesses by setting up and organising the right expertise and managerial talent quickly and efficiently.

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